April 11, 2014
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happy yarn day

Oh, happy yarn day! I just love it when big piles of yarn land on my doorstep. And this time it was indeed a big, big pile!

Check it out…





This is gorgeous Cotton 8 yarn from Dutch yarn brand Scheepjeswol. It’s a 100% cotton, and what I love about it is that it isn’t mercerized! Shiny cotton may be great for some, but it’s just not my cup of tea. This yarn is ridiculously soft, and has a great twist so it doesn’t split. And that’s always a plus :) It works up with a 3mm hook, but I’m taking the lazy way out and using it double stranded with a 6mm hook.


I have 8 colours to work with: brown (659), peach (715), grey (700), mint (664), light blue (622), light pink (654), pink (719) and dark pink (720).

And what might one make with such a ridiculously large stash, one might ask? Well, I’ve already caked some of the skeins, sketched some ideas, and done some work…



Anyone want to take an educated guess as to what I’m making? Hint: it’s a super long-term project since it will take a long time to finish! ;)

Have a great weekend y’all!


April 4, 2014
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giveaway winner!


Without no further ado, the winner of last week’s giveaway is…

Anne Hunter, who said: “I am still in awe of all the lovely prizes in this giveaway! These can only be outshone by the wonderful patterns and creations you design. All these things make me happy!”

Please send me an email at acreativebeing [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who entered – I had such a blast reading through all your comments! Looks like all of you are one big happy bunch :)

And of course a BIG thank you goes out to all the awesome sponsors that made this giveaway possible! Be sure to visit their blogs and shops: Crafts From The Cwtch, My Rose Valley, TillyFlop Designs and The Button Shack.


April 4, 2014
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the wedding wrap

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog post the other day! With your help I finally decided on a pattern: I’m going to use my own Dancing Hearts Wrap pattern to make the wedding poncho, using this lovely WolCafe yarn!


I know the pattern isn’t technically a poncho, but because it’s made up of motifs, I can easily transform it into basically any shape I want.

So, I grabbed a 6mm hook (intentionally larger than the pattern or the yarn calls for – I did this to help with the splittyness of the yarn, and to yield larger motifs, making the final garment drape better), and began making my flowers! I decided to just make a big stack of them, and then piece together a shape afterwards, instead of planning the shape beforehand. I started working from the center of the skein, so the colours go from brown to orange to red.

One flower…


… quickly became two.


They doubled…


… and soon I was looking at flower mitosis!




I love the subtle gradient that runs through the flowers!

Here you can see I’m already getting into the red part of the yarn; there are a couple of red strands already weaving their way into the flower.


Right now I have about 15 flowers, and I’m halfway through the yarn. I hope I have enough flowers to create a poncho shape, but if that won’t work I’m just as happy turning the flowers into a nice wrap!



One flower takes me about 15, 30 minutes to make, and I’m confident I’ll be able to finish this before the wedding, which is in 7 days. I think I’ll join the flowers with a nice brown yarn, or maybe orange…
I’m also planning to DIY another part of my outfit – if I finish it in time I’ll definitely show you the how-to on my blog as well! But we’ll see; I’m usually a bit ambitious when it comes to deadlines ;)

Have a great weekend!


ps I’ll post the winner of last week’s giveaway later today; stay tuned! :)

April 1, 2014
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lets go outside








Last Sunday me and D went to a nearby swimming lake. It was a beautiful day; sunny, warm, and lovely.

I can’t wait to get outside more this month! I’m doing another Rewild your Life challenge, which means that I have to try to be outside at least 30 minutes a day. You’re not supposed to take any electronics with you, with one big exception: your camera! I did this challenge last year in September and I loved exploring the outside world a little every day.



March 28, 2014
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Because Spring is here (well, almost). Because I wake up happy every day, and because I want to share that happiness with you all. Because I value you all so much, for leaving nice comments on my blog. Because there is always something that can make you happy. And just because! Who needs a reason for a giveaway anyway ;)

Today you get a chance to win all of these goodies! :)

First up, a lovely knitting pattern from Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch! It’s not hard to make, even for inexperienced knitters (she promised) and honestly, it’s pretty much the best poncho I’ve ever seen.


Second is a crochet pattern from Annette from My Rose Valley, the well-known Nordic Shawl! I’m still a little embarrassed that I haven’t made it myself yet. One of the best shawl patterns out there!


Third up, this lovely package of buttons from The Button Shack! It has 8 large clown buttons, 8 humungous flower buttons, a rainbow pack with 100 buttons and a 120g bag mixture of shape buttons. Try reading that sentence out loud. Saying ‘buttons’ that many times in a row makes you happy for sure!


And last but certainly not least, the grooviest thing I encountered whilst at Unravel: knit and crochet temporary tattoos from TillyFlop Designs!


All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this blog post, saying what makes you happy these days.

Giveaway is open worldwide, and runs till next week (April 4th).

Good luck everyone, have a great weekend! :)